Welcome to Bucharest. I am your guide in Bucharest.

You are our guest in Bucharest. Come join us and you will have a great experience, you will discovery a town that in his 556 years of existence has evolved into a mixture of  cultures and of architectural styles, one that knows to be both interesting and mysterious.

The youngest capital city of Romania (South East Europe) is Bucharest. In a relatively short time it has become a place that creates regrets in the hearts of those tourist going home.
Some of the people that changed the town are (or should be) well known: Vlad the Impaler (remember Dracula?), Brâncoveanu, Ceaușescu.

Some of Bucharest’s points of interest even got into the attention of Guinness World Records. One of them is The Palace of the Parliament (House of the People). It is the second largest administrative building in the world. We have them all: beautiful, ugly, majestic, huge, impressive buildings.

Try our food. You’ll discover an unbelievable mixture of dishes and wines. Some of the best in the world.

We also have an incredible Jewish heritage. Old synagogues and cemeteries, one museum and a very interesting Memorial of Holocaust. Did you know that in Romania lived a Jewish population of almost one million?

Come to discover Bucharest! Come to UNDERSTAND this great city!

Who are we?

We are great travellers. We walk on every corner of this fabulous town. We show this town, we talk about Bucharest, we write about Bucharest. On the radio, on this blog, in some professional magazines. We are told and we like to think that all the tourists will be back in Bucharest and Romania. We are your tour guides in Bucharest.

You first guide in Bucharest

You first guide in Bucharest


What can we do?

Small, long, longer, we can do all kind of city tours. You only have 2 hours? It can be done. But we recommend spending at least 3.5 hours in Bucharest with us. Anything less is only going to make you run through some of the interesting points of interests Bucharest has to offer.

Another kind of tour we offer is a late evening-night city tour. Others may refuse you (hey, we all have families, right?), but we’ll do our best to help you. Just image you work during daytime, you only have time after 7PM and the very next day you’ll go home. Don’t leave Bucharest before you get to know this lovely town! Schedule a late evening tour and discover Bucharest by night. Every town looks different by night, so does our city!

Bucharest Tour by Night

Bucharest Tour by Night

NB: This will become a good resource for visitors in Bucharest, but don’t expect it to happen while clapping. Please allow us to select good information, to add great pictures and create a unique place on WWW.

Sincerely yours,

Florin from Bucharest.Guide