What tourists say about us – testimonials

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Some of the testimonials from here were received in other languages, so I translated them into English.

32. Testimonial from: Mare Zaneva, Group from Estonia, Tour Leader (September 2018)
The Estonian group of 30 tourists had an absolutely marvelous day with Florin in Bucharest.
In addition to the usual tourist route, he showed us some nice hidden corners of Bucharest he loves and a tourist himself can never find. His knowledge of the town is impressive as well the passion with which he introduces his homeland’s history.
No doubt, our travel agency wants him to lead the Bucharest tour the next year as well.

31. Testimonial from: Maryanne & Patrick Quick, USA, Paralegal (July 2018)
Florin was an outstanding guide. He was intelligent, knowledgeable, personable, quick-witted, a true gentleman and a fine Romanian. We would never have enjoyed our Romanian vacation to the extent that we did without him and his guidance. What a gem! He will forever be in our minds and hearts and when we return to Romania (yes, we will return), he will be the first person we contact.

30. Testimonial from: Connie Liu, USA (early July 2018)
Florin was such a thoughtful, knowledgeable guide to this beautiful country of Romania. He has completely changed the way I want to travel, and wish I could bring him everywhere I go. He made churches and citadels fascinating (I wasn’t a big history fan in high school) and added such thoughtful touches throughout our itinerary. He expertly accommodated our dietary needs for all of our meals and even endeavored to try raw vegan food with our crazy crew! He also arranged an incredible detour to visit a stork sanctuary, knowing that we had a few animal lovers on the trip. He took care of us every step of the way and we never doubted that we were in good hands. Thank you for an incredible trip!

29. Testimonial from: Miran Bende, Slovenia, C.E.O. and owner of tourist agency (early July 2018)
I have had great opportunity to be a part of short fam trip in Romania. We were a group of 9 representatives from different agencies from Slovenia. And Florin was the lucky guy who had a task to impress a small group of guests who work in the tourism industry. And… Florin has done more than a great job. I do expect good knowledge about all possible items from the represented country. History, ethnology, geography, culinary, daily life… but this is what also average guide should be able to give to his guests. What makes Florin special is the approach to his guests. Warm, friendly, personal. This is something you cannot learn from books. It is in your caracter.. or it is not. Whenever I will organize tour in Romania I will definitely ask for Florin. Thanks, Florin once again.

28. Testimonial from: Silvia Fox, USA, Psychologist (early June 2018)
Florin is a gem! I cannot begin to describe what a great job he did. From planning an itinerary that satisfied both the youngest (19) and oldest (87) in our group; to explaining the sites and their history in a way that fascinated both the Romanian-born and the first-time visitors among us; to ensuring that every detail and every group-member’s needs were attended to – he’s been a tour guide extraordinaire. More importantly, he is a lovely person, with whom you want to spend time and share stories. He has left us eager to plan our next România trip, without a doubt under his guidance. Thank you from all of us, Florin!

27. Testimonial from: Covaci-Schneider family, Israel (early June 2018)
Dear Sir,

It was a very nice trip to the roots of our life.

Our guide and conductor of the trip, Mr. Florin Arjocu, was during all the days of the trip, an excellent source of information and explanations about the places we visited.
He took care of all our needs and tried to fully satisfy them.

Thanks a lot to him and to your company.

With respect and consideration,
Covaci – Schneider family

26. Testimonial from: Joey Soon, USA (Late October 2017)

We were absolutely impressed with the Knowledge, professionalism, timeliness and Romanian Pride that Florin shared with us. It was by far the most educational tour we have ever been part of. We would without any hesitation be part of another tour led by Florin.
Aloha and Mahalo Florin for a most memorable trip.

Joey and Nancy Soon
Orland, CA.

25. Testimonial from: Walter Boden, USA, Tour operator (Late October 2017)

I have been in the travel business for over 40 years and I must rank Florin Arjocu in the top 10 guides I have ever had in my life. From the first time we met at the airport until the farewell dinner he was a perfect gentleman. His knowledge of Romania was phenomenal. I have been doing business in Romania for 33 years and I learned many new things with him. He was great with my clients. They loved him. He was patient, flexible, caring and “went the extra mile.” When someone was not feeling well he took them to the pharmacy and made sure they got the right medicine. Working with him was a delight and I look forward to the next time.

24. Testimonial from: Lisa, USA, Travel specialist (October 2017)

I fell in love with Romania as Florin guided us through the history, architecture, scenery, countryside, cities, foods and wines of this beautiful country. Florin is extremely knowledgeable and delivers as much as information as the traveler wants to learn, in a wonderfully conversational manner. I asked a lot of questions and was eager to dive really deep into certain subjects and the culture. Florin went above and beyond to share his knowledge with me and to access awesome local experiences.
He is highly responsible, flexible, and a pleasure to travel with.
Florin is an amazing ambassador for Romania – and a truly excellent guide. I recommend him with my highest commendation.

23. Testimonial from: Ghita Ileana, Romania (September 2017)
This was my first organized (with an agency) tour in Romania. I have spent a few days traveling and it was a pleasant surprise to see nice people and places, meet the history and understand a better how our people became what it is today. Understanding the cause we better understand the present. Our young and patient guide impressed me with his passion for history, traveling and his will to gather lots of knowledge. That made me feel a bit ashamed for my past ignorance, but this is a good start. I do hope to travel together again! From my part, you get a huge THANK YOU!

22. Testimonial from: Alexandrina and Virgil Boboc, Romania (August 2017)
Well thought tour in Romania, perfectly organized in the Danube Gorge area and Hunedoara. Shortly said, Florin was an excellent guide, considerate and he offered us the information we needed and lots of bonuses, greatly appreciated. We do recommend the agency and mostly the guide, Mr. Florin Arjocu!
Must say it again, EXCELLENT!
PS: We got the pictures made by Florin the very next day, which is AMAZING!!!

21. Testimonial from: Eli Rogowski, Israel (August 2017)
The guide, Florin Arjocu, was very good and told us lots about the places we’ve visited in a nice way. He is very intelligent, interesting, very nice and mannered, concerned about everyone’s needs.

20. Testimonial from: Ioana Matei, French Teacher, Romania (August 2017)
I have met Florin Arjocu this summer, during 2 tours in Romania (Apuseni and Danube Gorge – Cazanele Dunării).
Both of them were great, we have visited wonderful places and lived emotions not to be forgotten soon.
That is because they were well planned, and not least, thanks to Florin, a competent guide, well informed, with charisma and with lots of attention to details. Hard to find anything bad, even when talking about exigent tourists.
As for me, I do hope to have the same guide during the future travels in Romania!
Thank you, Florin!

19. Testimonial from: Oana I., Banking, Romania (August 2017)
“.. Wonderful programm, wonderful guide, I have already wrote a testimonial on agency’s website first day after return; I hope we’ll meet soon!”

18. Testimonial from: Michael and Bela, Doctor in Medicine, USA (May 2017)
Dear Florin,
It was such a pleasure and privilege to meet you. You have taught us so much, and we simply delighted in getting to know you and in being with you.
We have been traveling quite intensely, and we will download the pictures you sent when we get home. We are on our way to the airport in Berlin now.
Again, thank you, and we will be in contact.
Best wishes,
Michael and Bela

17. Testimonial from: Violeta, Germany (April 2017)
Such a great luck to travel with you.. best guide ever!
I am already enjoying the next trip under your “wing”!

PS: I also appreciate your capacity to endure our “dirty pleasures” during the stops in lots of sweet shops & shoe shops 🙂

16. Testimonial from: Michaela, Sweden (April 2017)
Thank you very much for a splendid trip, for the charming way you deliver the information! I do hope to see you next year and be delighted again by your presence. Lots of good wishes and good luck in your plans. Do keep the same personality and huge curiosity we enjoyed every minute!

15. Testimonial from: Analiza Marfori, CEO – Italy (June 2016)
Me and my group had a very nice, enjoyable and interesting knowledgeable trip with the 1 day trip to 2 famous Castles Bran-Dracula & Castle Peles + medieval city of Brasov. Thanks to a very kind and professional tour guide named Florin Arjocu. This is a worthy trip and no hassles. Thanks to Bucharest guide ♡♡♡

14. Testimonial from: Catherine, Sales Director – UK (June 2016)
Florin was an excellent guide, friendly and knowledgeable. He combined a great tour with some corporate locations that we needed to see. He was also super helpful after I fell over a bollard (!) and attended to my cuts and bruises. Very impressed and highly recommend.

13. Testimonial from: Daniel Frank, Nonprofit Executive – USA (May 2016)
I was in Bucharest on business for a conference and had only one free day to explore the sites. The conference organizer put me in touch with Florin to arrange a private tour of Bran and Peles Castles as well as Brasov. I had a limited amount of time and only wanted to visit to take some pictures. Florin was punctual, a knowledgeable tour guide, and helped make the day trip completely worthwhile. In fact, he exceeded expectations — he went above and beyond, took some professional photos himself which he shared, and even led me a brief walking tour through Bucharest when we got back to the city sooner than expected.

I offer Florin Arjocu my highest recommendation!

12. Testimonial from: Dominique and Marie Christine Valla, Professor of Medicine – France (May 2016)
Dear Florin, I wanted to tell you what enormous fun we had during this trip with you guiding us. We have been particularly touched by your kind relationship with all the people we met. We were have been fascinated by many of the things you drove us to. We wanted to approach some essentials about Romania and, may be wrong, we have the feeling that you did allow us to do it. Many many thanks.
Marie Christine and Dominique

11. Testimonial from: Peter, Radiological area manager – Switzerland (January 2016)
Excellent tour in the authentic parts of Bucharest! I was deeply and pleasantly surprised even though it was so cold but very sunny… It’s also great to walk in a part of the Tour. Florin, our guide is very professional, dynamic, knows very well how to transmit his knowledge. To resume, a very pleasant tour that you should do.

10. Testimonial from: Andrea Radacsi, Nuclear Medicine specialist, MD., PhD – Hungary (January 2016)
It was a really great guided-tour, I enjoyed it very much, and thank for the extra pictures too.

9. Testimonial from: Rui Mendonça Rodrigues, Medical Manager – Portugal (January 2016)
Very nice trip in Bucharest, well organized and sharing interesting information about all the places and monuments visited. At the end, they (n.r. Florin) send us a very complete photo reporting.

8. Testimonial from: Ms. Cynthia McDermott, USA (autumn 2015)

I have traveled all over Eastern Europe so am pretty savvy about what I want to see and do. But this trip we had our 97-year-old father with us and that required more skill than I have. After interviewing several guides I found Florin. How incredibly lucky because he is a gem! He is extremely knowledgeable about the history, geography, the arts, architecture and food so we had an amazing time. He is also very generous with his time. For example, we were in a small village near the Black Sea and needed a translator. I called him and he kindly helped us out when we were many miles outside Bucharest. I have had many guides in my travels and I can say with great enthusiasm that Florin is without a doubt the best I have worked with! Rick Steves should put him on his show!

J. Cynthia McDermott. EdD.
Professor and Department Chair
Antioch University Los Angeles

7. Testimonial from: Ms. Luiza Popa, Romania (autumn 2015)

I met Florin Arjocu in a circuit throughout Romania that he co-organized this summer and I can say he is a true professional, always well documented and who knows how to maintain the attention of tourists through riddles and legends of the places visited. He has great knowledge of history and geography and is very open and enthusiastic to answer any questions and curiosities when needed. In what concerns his new project entitled „Bucharest.Guide”, he knows how to synthesize and highlight the most important aspects that characterize the city of Bucharest and he is keeping things simple so that anybody can have instant access to the main information. Furthermore, he is always ready to deliver any details whenever they are requested, he is well informed of all the events that take place in the city and highlights the small details that make Bucharest a wonderful city to visit (as such, I consider Bucharest.Guide to be a good source of information for the persons living in this city as well). I am currently following Florin’s projects with curiosity and interest, as they are great opportunities to discover Romania and all its beautiful corners of history and nature.

6. Testimonial from: Stefania and Adrian Calugaru, Romania (autumn 2015)

We know Florin from a trip we had in the Maramures in 2015 and we can say that we discovered a land with beautiful seeing and interesting history. all these explained and showed by our guide, Florin. He helped us have a great time with stories about the local people or by giving us information about the surrounding areas which were not included in the trip, but which we know not to miss during our next visit. He’s a social person and very communicative which knows how to add a joke among the stories; he makes your trip a very pleasant one.

5. Testimonial from: Ms. Mihaela Cornea, Romania (summer 2015, summer 2014)

I had the pleasure of knowing Florin Arjocu some time ago during a trip to Maramures and I can say that he is an excellent guide (the best of those that I know). After that trip he was our guide in many other trips where he proved professionalism and passion; he always took care that all tourists feel great, he chose and highlighted all the landmarks and created a pleasant atmosphere during the entire trip. Along with Florin, you take part in a wonderful journey in Romania; he gives you the opportunity to meet people, to know places, customs, legends, historical and contemporary details that shape the image of the regions you visit and not only, even the whole country. Well documented, Florin provides interesting and fun information, that you do not easily find elsewhere; you will see him, whenever is possible, talking to local people to find new stories which he shares with you. I learned from him also many new and interesting information even about Bucharest, although I was born here. Moreover, the way he presents all these things is very pleasant – a true storyteller. But Florin is not only a great guide, he is also an exceptional man; it is a joy to spend time with him. I would choose Florin as a guide wherever I travel without hesitation.

4. Testimonial from: Andreea Georgescu, Romania (summer 2015, summer 2014)

Hello! I’m Andreea and I had the chance to meet the tour guide Florin – drumliber.ro & Bucharest.Guide in August 2014, on a trip to the Banat Region – The Danube Canyon, Romania. Although I had read some things about the places I was going to see, Florin, with his passion for his work/tourism, with good knowledge of the places we visited, with his optimism and good mood, he did know what and how to show us (me and all the group) the beauty of the places and the essence of Romania, their history, evolution in time, all we wanted to hear about. Congratulations, Florin, for all you do as a tour guide, for your passion for Romania and your free spirit! I warmly recommend him for a Bucharest/Romania tour! All the best! *:)

3. Testimonial from: Florentina Nete, Romania (summer 2015)

In 2015 I planned a vacation through Romania, in Banat Region. It didn’t sound very exotic, but it was one of the regions of my country I knew very little about. I am a mountain enthusiast, so there I was on the way! Just before going, I got to know our tour guide: Florin Arjocu, a fantastic guy, a Banat born fellow (I was to find this later), a great young man, with a huge passion for both History and Geography. One that made those far away places with previous little relevance for me, become very interesting. “Now I got home”, he said at some point. “Home” was that place with black Pine trees on top of beautiful rocky mountains, with cold waters which can flow slowly in meanders, but easily get speedy; the place where I have seen the most beautiful full moon. You are a true professional, Florin Arjocu! You made the time pass fast and we wish to have this experience again and again!

2. Testimonial from: Cristian Badea, Romania (summer 2015, autumn 2015)

My name is Cristian Badea and I had the pleasure to travel together with my wife, Ileana Drăgan, during 2 trips through Romania in the summer of 2015. Both of them were guided by Florin Arjocu. Having more than 44 years of intensive experience in the Tourism Industry, I can definitely say that Florin, although a quite young man, is a true professional. He knows how to easily be liked by the group, he is very well educated, brings lots of information about the visited places and enjoys creating connections to other tourist attractions or personalities, making the experience a lot more interesting. He is also eager to learn new things and enjoys receiving suggestions or details others are willing to share.
All the above created good connections with tourists and there is no wonder that many of the tourists in our group asked for more getaways having Florin as a tour guide. I wish you have lots of success and hopefully we will share many other trips, ’till you’ll be gray-haired.

1. Testimonial from: Mr. Kerekes Gabor, Hungary (autumn 2015)

Excellent tour, very well conceived and managed, a tour that got us through the interesting and authentic parts of Bucharest! I was deeply and pleasantly surprised by what I have seen, even though I am Romanian… What about Florin? He is flexible, professional, dynamic, young and very pleasant 🙂 Have a great day!

Kerekes Gabor,

I will add more testimonials in time. Come to Romania, come and get to know Bucharest!

Florin Arjocu from Guide.Bucharest